Nighthawks Entertainment is an Indie Record Label and Production Company. Nighthawks were founded by veteran recording artist Red Bandit. Nighthawks is the first Indie label to open the doors worldwide to give artist, groups, bands, DJ's and producers and other small indie labels "Access to the Majors".

Nighthawks have Worldwide Distribution with a Major Distributor. After Red Bandit retired from the music industry in the 90's, he decided to return and give artist and indie labels "Access to the Majors".
Our first release Nighthawks release will be a compilation album called "GAME CHANGER". We are looking for 15-artists, groups or bands that can make an investment in themselves and wants to be a part of the Nighthawks vision and Change The Game with their own.

Nighthawks can also provide artist, groups, or bands access to release their own single and/or album through our major distribution. This also extends to indie labels as well. We pride ourselves on offering to partnership with any artist, group, band or indie that will invest in themselves. No more waiting to be accepted or selected. Release your music to the world through Nighthawks.